Hello Nitroamig @ s! Welcome to a new entry of NitroPCs in depth. This time we will review a complete series and not a single NitroPC. We did the same with the Nitro series or with our Workstation. Now we will show you the result of the fusion of MSI and NitroPC to bring you the gaming wonder: the PC MSI Gamer X series.
The giant and the promise

The things as they are, MSI is a technological giant recognized worldwide. A prestigious brand that likes to design and distribute the best hardware. It is very important to understand why MSI has decided to join us to collaborate in this project. NitroPC is currently the best rated computer brand in Spain. Even the NitroPC that we have in the Amazon portal are among the best rated and positioned in the “Amazon Choice” for its quality.

The big multinationals know how to see when another company is promising. That point that makes them stand out from the others and encourages them to collaborate with them. MSI manufactures and assembles the best motherboards and graphics cards in terms of quality / price / performance. NitroPC has its exclusive designs in towers and chassis, in addition to its own ventilation and lighting systems. We both look at each other to start this collaboration.

And from it, this series came out, which we will show and detail below.

PC Series MSI Gamer X

This series began a few months ago to prove its acceptance, and success has been resounding. The first units that were put on sale, with Intel processors, sold a lot and very fast. After the first impressions, we decided to release the Ryzen versions. These computers, with performance similar to Intel, are also cheaper. This has made them another sales success.

Eight NitroPCs joined to the components of MSI, which makes them a unique and spectacular combination.
PC MSI Gamer X1 and X1 Ryzen

The initials of the series are perfect for those who want to play all the current games without spending a lot of money. Some medium range equipment ideal to start in PC Gaming. Its Intel model has an i5 7400, while its counterpart Ryzen owns the 2400G. In addition both have the MSI Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti AERO ITX OCV 4GB. With this combination, added to its 8GB of RAM, you can play in a spectacular way.

PC MSI Gamer X2 and X2 Ryzen

Right now, the most sold and the most requested. During Black Friday the price of X2 Ryzen is so impressive that they sell like hot cakes. The best that exists in the mid / high range. In the Ryzen model, the 2600X processor, an AMD beast that follows and enhances the legacy of the best processor of the last generation, the 1600X. In its Intel model, the i5 8400, with excellent performance for gaming and that far exceeds its predecessor as well. Both have the MSI Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 AERO ITX OC 6GB graphics card. As a final culmination, its 16GB of RAM will allow you to execute all the simultaneous processes you want.

PC MSI Gamer X3 and X3 Ryzen

We are already entering the high range with excellent performance. Both models have powerful processors that will support any game you have and want. We went from series 5 to series 7. The X3 jumps to the i7 8700, a processor that has swept this year. As for the X3 Ryzen, we go to the R7 2700, with 16 threads of processing and the favorite of many. We also move to the high-end graphics and 8GB, as is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Armor OC MSI.